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What We Do?
Web development

We develop professional web page based on your request or we will suggest you our experience and creativity for best way to use latest technologies.

Mobile application development

On your smartphone which now is as personal digital assistant, we can build the applications, which also can manage data into desktop or web applications.

Desktop application development

Many types of applications for management systems like CRM, ICMS, GMS, CCMS etc. We can build these applications which will be run into Windows Operativ System.



Llampa is organizing training’s (workshops) learn by doing where students will be able to learn starting from the basics of programming to the most advanced programming using Microsoft programming tools.

Programming and Web

Llampa offers software development services also known as application development, software programs, software design, software application development, enterprise application development, platform development...

IT Business Analysis

Llampa provides Information Technology Business Analysis by identifying the business needs of clients and stakeholders, business requirements, functional requirements, user requirements, quality-of-service requirements, implementation(transition) requirements and traceability.

Project Management

Llampa provides IT project management using the most advanced tools based on PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) in estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, software collaboration, communication, quality management and documentation, etc…

Our Amazing Partners & Clients:
A Message From CEO:
I am proud to present a company like Llampa that is built to last with a “continuous long run” vision to deliver ICT solutions for the society.

Even though a fairly brand new company without huge capital, we do not promote the idea of “everything” for money! We take our time to find the right projects and prioritize these projects by importance to the society!

What we brag about is the readiness for cooperation with all ICT experts without any prior restrictions to their work and private life. Our team members are and will always be free to contribute in different projects individually because we know and it has been proved so far that the transparency with your team members gives them the courage to go deeper in the ICT expertise and also understand more about the commitment and project requirements. Our philosophy is focus in productivity and not in “how much time our team spends in front of computer”. As long as requirements are met, we are more than happy with our team members.

At Llampa, we have a strong belief in our team members and the passion they generate to deliver on time and always with huge smile on their faces.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail us if you like our vision and approach to ICT solutions.

Driton HoxhaChief Executive Officer